Food & Drink in Hampi

Hampi is a UNECO World Heritage site and attracts travelers from all over the world. There are myriad ancient ruins there and it is interesting to explore one of the architectural marvels. However, Hampi retains its ancient charm and the rural ambience therefore one cannot find too many restaurants. Since Hampi is located in Karnataka, hence South Indian food is abundantly available. Most of the eateries are situated in and around the Hampi Bazaar. Typically South Indian fare is available, which includes dosa and idli for breakfast, thali for lunch and dinner. There are also a couple of eateries available that sell pancakes, puffs, pastries etc.

The street that leads towards Virupaksha Temple is lined with numerous restaurants serving primarily South Indian fare. This is the place where one can find food at affordable costs and anyone can afford to purchase a meal. One of the places where one can enjoy amazing food is the Mango Tree. This is a rural themed restaurant situated under a mango tree along the riverbank. Travelers can visit this restaurant to experience a more laidback lifestyle and enjoy sumptuous South Indian fare. Another place where one can enjoy snacks or even juices in the evenings is New Shanthi. This bakery is perfect for enjoying cookies or even a selection of juices.

Undoubtedly the most popular foods that is available here is definitely South Indian. One can find a large array of foods including dosas, idlis, vada, thali, curd rice, uttapam etc. There are few bakeries that serve a variety of cookies, puffs etc and they are ideal for mid-day snack or when hunger strikes and you are looking for a quick bite. Since Hampi features a more rural setting therefore one can find foods that are regional and basic. There are not too many varieties and there are fewer restaurants and one has to choose from the staple menu.

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