Honeymoon in Hampi

Choosing a honeymoon destination is always special, as any new couple starts off their lifelong journey together with their honeymoon. This is one aspect of marriage that most couples prepare well in advance because it is definitely the most special moments in one’s life. Hampi is perfect as a honeymoon destination as the ancient ruins form the backdrop for a romantic escapade. What makes Hampi truly special is the fact that it is easily reachable and well within one’s budget.

Just across the river the ancient village Anegundi is pleasant place for nature lovers, the location around Anegundi is that paddy fields, banana plantations, canals, temple, mountains looks very interesting, it is silent place. Besides the Kishkinda Resort, and Kishkinda water Park attract more tourist to enjoy the day picnics and Resort having good ethnic cottages for holiday and suitable place for honeymoon couples.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi undoubtedly features high on the list of those who love exploring ancient ruins and historic sites. This place is a treasure for those seeking to spend time discovering intriguing facets of ancient Indian history. If walls could talk then it definitely has to be in Hampi where every ancient fort, palace and temple has something to depict. There is the famous Hampi Bazaar, which is home to the Virupaksha Temple that contains a minaret at the gateway. This temple dates back to 11th or 12th century and consists of shrines of Pampa, Shiva and Bhuvaneswari. Another famous temple is the Vitala Temple, which is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent monuments of Hampi featuring 56 musical pillars. The temple is actually constructed in the form of a chariot that revolves featuring pillars about 15 feet in height.

Even though Hampi is known for its ancient ruins, there is much that any honeymoon couple can do. From shopping at the ancient bazaar and exploring the ruins to enjoying rock climbing and the natural sanctuary – Hampi doesn’t disappoint as a honeymoon destination.

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