Palace in Hampi

Hampi is a place of many historical monuments and palatial structures, most of which are in ruins today, however plays an important role in tourism today. Palace of Vira Harihara is one such example of exquisite architecture and innate beauty. The Palace in Hampi takes you on a sojourn journey through time showcasing its once towering presence and royalty that walked these lands.

The palace in Hampi brings to you various historical ruins situated within the palace premises that promise you a wonderful time exploring this palace. The Royal Enclosure, the surroundings of the palace grounds, the base where the palace of Vira Harihara once stood, the beautiful temple of Hazara Rama located within the complex premises, Zenana Enclosure which was reserved for the royal women of the empire showcases the famous Lotus Mahal, the once full water pool, the royal treasury building, the watchtowers which once looked upon the safety of the women of the royal family, the innumerable rows of rooms and common gathering area are few of the most beautiful remains of this enclosure; While touring the palace grounds you can also pay a visit to the eminent Underground Shiva Temple, The gigantic Elephant stables which once served as a place where the Emperors and his royal entourage would ascend on the Elephants and the huge stone steps and platform that was used to climb upon the Elephants; the unique stepped tank located in the palace premise and the wonderful architecture on each of the pillars and still remaining walls present the royalty that one reigned these lands.

Palace in Hampi is a true testament to the vastness of the empire and their lavish lifestyle that have become a true historian’s delight and a complete pleasure for a tourist! Enjoy the regalia of the Palace in Hampi with your near and dear ones!

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