Top things to do in Hampi

Hampi is famous for its ruins however; there are many things that one can do. Hampi is the perfect destination for history buffs and those interested in unearthing architectural treasures. Some of the top most things that anyone can do in Hampi include the following:

Rock climbing: Rocky hills and boulders surround Hampi, which are a delight for climbers interested in taking up an adventure activity. In fact the landscape consists of boulders and granite crags. However, it is important to carry a bouldering mat and other kinds of gear from home. The street is congested and therefore, most of the vehicles are restricted in the bazaar except for two wheelers.

Hemakuta Hill : Hemakuta Hill overlooks the Virupaksha Temple, which features all kinds of ruins such as the monolithic sculpture of Narasimha and Jain temples. This short walk to the hill is worth the effort because of the view that one gets to enjoy.

Rent a bike: Hampi is known for its architectural sites and one of the best ways to explore the myriad facets of this place is through a bike ride. One can easily hire a bike for the day and discover the various sites.

Dip in the river: Besides the big boulders and rocky hills that surround Hampi, the other natural feature of this place is the Tungabhadra River. On the banks of this river, the civilization was established.

Sunset: One of the best experiences that one can enjoy at Hampi is the sunset view from Matunga Hill. The setting sun amid rocks or behind the hills is definitely worth the experience. Photography enthusiasts can look forward to clicking some of the most magnificent sunset view pictures. Sun Set view can enjoy from Anjanadri Hill across the river near Hanumana Halli

Paddy fields: A walk through the emerald green paddy fields is definitely a must. The natural beauty of paddy fields is truly stunning. Between the months of August and December, one can easily enjoy leisurely walks through these beautiful paddy fields.

Water Park: apart from Hampi – in Anegundi just across the river from hampi one can enjoy with family and friends in Kishkinda Water Park – get relax by playing water slides, pool and park. And also evening village events in Vijayashri resort

Yoga/Meditation : Hampi is definitely one of the places that are known for its solitude and quietness. Therefore it is not surprising that one can enjoy a session of yoga or meditation and getting in touch with one’s inner self.

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