Weather in Hampi

Minimum Temperature : 22° C (Summer), 18° C (Winter)

Maximum Temperature : 37° C (Summer), 37° C (Winter)

Best Time to Visit : October to March.

Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka state, India. It is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara, it continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple, as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city. Hampi is charismatic even in its ruined state. It attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Summer season : During the summer season the temperature reaches a maximum of 37°C. Climate is generally warm and dry

Monsoon or Rainy season : Monsoon (July to September) brings some wet weather with good showers.

Winter season : The winter period is from November to February, during which the climate is very pleasant and cool.

What to wear : Cotton clothing is apt for summers and woolens are required for winters.

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